Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If you cant file A Chapter7 you will file chapter 15

This is case that one company has bankruptcy proceeding in USA and their assets and other financial assets are settled in overseas. That will bring law proceedings in both the places. The USA has felt to create the financial law and then US bankruptcy code came in 1978. They had created a special section in that law and named as Chapter 15. This was mainly focused on overseas financial connections. Chapter 15 became handy tool for most of the MNC (multi national companies) for their overseas bankruptcy legal judgment.
The United Nations Commission’s internation business law wing had suggested to adapt such legal codes for handling the foreign financial affiars. The chapter 15 law provides all possible tools to guide for solving bankruptcy cases which has direct connection with overseas.
The court proceedings is would be very adjective and cheaper way. This law has special prevention for establishing joint operation between two overseas bankruptcy courts and same company owner would be addressed. The special designated court may appoint industry specific knowledgeable persons as well, whose report should be taken in consideration.
The law is designed in such a way that both debtors and creditors. It is known matter that so many unexpected matters would come up during the court hearing so, this special law got everything to deal with.
The law commission had specially suggested the tribunal to add better preventions to save the debtors interest and lets crediotrs get whatever amount they owned. This is going to be win – win business for both parties. Chapter 15 has everything to protect both local investments and their overseas interests well.
It becomes uncontrollable when overseas financial instition try to debt from each invested countries, because every country has different financial laws and operating proceduces. Sometimes such companies operating power doesn’t come under US regulations. It becomes more complicated if filled instition operates in so many countries.
Chapter 15 codes does allow the foreign instition to repay the debts under court appointed supervision. The government role have become vital in such cross border debts repay system and establish proper negotiation with overseas governments.
This law works as business saving pill for such financial institution facing bad repay debts and let them be on their own foot so they can make fresh start doing business in states. They gets a golden chance to prove themselves if they are trustable institution and US citizens can relax with their investments with them.